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The first original guide devoted to muntjac stalking. Here at Muntjac Stalker, we specialise in the stalking(hunting) of Muntjac and Chinese Water Deer.


Hunting/ Stalking

Here at Muntjac Stalker we specialise in the stalking(hunting) of Muntjac and Chinese Water Deer. 



The extent of the stalking area covers in excess of 6,000 acres, with a healthy stock of deer on the ground.



Accommodation of bed and breakfast is available to our guests in our traditional English village of Old Warden.

Muntjac and Chinese Water Deer Hunting

I have lived and worked on my muntjac area for 32 years and manage the deer to maintain a healthy stock and maintain our reputation which is second to none. You will not find any bad reviews because there have never been any! I was the original stalking guide to specialise in muntjac however, many clients then requested Chinese water deer and I have been fortunate to secure some of the best areas for Chinese water deer in the country.

Here at Muntjac Stalker, i specialise in the stalking(hunting) of Muntjac and Chinese Water Deer. The most favoured method of stalking for both Muntjac and Chinese Water Deer is on foot at dawn and dusk, making the best use of natural terrain. High seats are available in some cases but are not favoured, as the object is to achieve the maximum stalking experience.

Muntjac and Chinese Water Deer Hunting

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How do you call in a muntjac? You will find the answer to this vital question and more on our latest video

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Please book well in advance to avoid disappointment as our reputation means that we have many regulars and new clients via recommendation. Bookings are taken from may once we have all the pheasant shoot dates which we need to avoid.

Generally speaking, we limit each client to a buck of each, therefore, giving those coming later an excellent chance of success, some areas are not stalked until later in the season so that everybody has a good chance at whatever time of the season.