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Muntjac and Chinese Water Deer Culling: Why It’s Necessary

muntjac culling

In the UK, deer populations are booming. Muntjac and Chinese water deer in particular are causing problems for farmers and landowners. These animals are destroying crops, flowers, and trees. That’s why it’s necessary to cull these herds regularly. In this…

The Muntjac Deer: What You Need to Know


Male muntjac called “bucks”, females “does” and the young “fawn”. Male Muntjac deer (bucks) weigh between 10 and 18 kg when fully grown, while female Muntjac (does) weigh 9 and 16 kg. In comparison, an average adult man in the…

The History of the Chinese Water Deer

Chinese Water Deer Image

The Chinese muntjac has a small, compact body, pale fawn colouring with huge rounded ears and obvious button-black eyes. Males (bucks) have no antlers but do have long tusk-like canines. Larger and much paler than the muntjac, with a less…